The Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest Santuary

Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest dwelt by some group of monkeys and other tropical animals. This Bali Tourist Attractions is strategically located in the heart of Ubud Village.

Ubud Monkey Forest One Of Most Famous Tourist Destinations In Ubud Bali

Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest Santuary, Bali Tourist Attractions, Bali Green Tour

Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Bali Ubud Monkey Forest

Monkey Forests in Balinese language called Wanara Wana are spread out in the island and Ubud Monkey Forest it self own very important function of the continuity the monkey habitat in Bali. Meanwhile the local community own important role to keep this forest naturally in order to all wild animals able to live smoothly.

The Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest Santuary is dwelt by 200 monkeys, pertained to long tail inclusive macaques or macaca fascicularis group which owns the wide disseminating area. Among the amount monkeys living in this forest, there are 23 adult male, 79 adult female and 98 still baby. All the monkeys in this forest consisted of three groups, dwell certain area and use the certain place and certain time. However, it also happened that entire group can use the forest and whenever two groups are existing at same place and time, they will fight each other.

Wanara Wana is the name of monkey forest in Sanskrit language, as the language ever influenced the layers of religious and ruling class of Indonesian archipelago before the fall into islam, and only Bali that strongly maintains the tradition.

It is important to treat the monkeys with respect as this forest is heir home and you are a guest in it. Please remain on the paved paths. The monkeys may become aggressive if you invade their private areas ( wanara Wana staff and researcher may occasionally be seen in this areas please do not follow them.

It can often seen how the Balinese Macaques are cracking open coconuts. If available they like to eat bananas and papayas, too. Once taken please leave the fruit with the monkeys. If you with to feed the macaques please do so carefully, and if they take food from you, please do not attempt to retrieve it back. It is also of great importance that you treat the trees, the plants and other animals and structures within the Sacred Monkey Forest with great respect.

This is holy area and an important ecological preservation. please enjoy the beauty and magic of this place. while at the same time respecting what lives in it. If you have any question or if you should need assistance, please asked the Wenara wana personnel ( identified by their green uniforms ) or a member of the research project.

Tri Hita Karana Thought

In accordance with Balinese Hindu thought, peace and liberty are obtainable in our life only when we respect and observe the three harmonious relationships known as the Tri Hita Karana with the following advises :

  • The Gods bless life and created nature and all of its entities
  • Nature provide sustainable support to the need of living beings
  • Human beings as the highest being has the obligation to preserve the mother nature which was in the past only religious approach could operate before more reasons could take over the role.

Based on an analysis of a manuscript called Pura Purana ( meaning history of a Pura ) which is considered a holy writing the temple was built around 14th century during the reign of kings with the palace in Pejeng area. If this assumption is taken the establishment of the temple would be before 1343 AD, not at the beginning of Gelgel Palace which is far behind around 17th century. There are three temples in The Sacred Monkey Forest namely :

  • Pura Dalem Agung, located at the south western corner of the main forest area. This temple is the most prominent in Monkey Forest
  • The Holy Bathing Temple located down steps close to the water stream. This temple is divided into 3 courtyards ( mandalas ) with pools.
  • The Prajapati temple with cemetery located at the southernmost of the area.

Bali Ubud Monkey Forest Location

The Sacred Ubud Monkey Forest is located in the region of Padang Tegal Village, Ubud Sub district and Gianyar Regency, on the southern border of Ubud town around 3 kms south of central town with a leading road also with the name of Monkey Forest. The site can be reached by many sides besides from central town of Ubud, from eastern corner of Ubud and from southern area of Ubud. The distance from Kuta is around 55 kms, from Sanur around 40 kms, and from Nusa Dua area around 65 kms.

Bali Ubud Monkey Forest Map

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