Bali Shore Fishing Tour by ENA Fishing Discovery

Bali Shore Fishing is a Bali Fishing Tours Programs to enjoy shore fishing activity in Bali Ocean. Shore fishing requires you to learn many different techniques in a short period of time if you wish to be successful.

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Bali Shore Fishing Tour provided by Ena Fishing

You learn to cast in different ways, depending on who or what’s around you. You need to learn the proper techniques for hook sets. Some days you’ll want to pull back as hard as you can, and other days you’ll want to let the fish set the hook as it tries to take your bait or lure. It all depends on how the fish are feeding, and you have to figure out which one works best on that day. No one person knows all the answers.

A pro may know what works most of the time, but a local angler who shore fishes daily successfully, will know what works best on his body of water. So don’t think you know it all, we sure don’t. All we are trying to do is give basic and general information for people to learn to shore fish who don’t have someone to show them.

Bali Shore Fishing Trips Cost

Duration2 pax participant
3 pax – up participant
4 Hours TripsUSD 65 nett/personUSD 60 nett/person
6 Hours TripsUSD 83 nett/personUSD 74 nett/person
8 Hours TripsUSD 98 nett/personUSD 92 nett/person
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Bali Shore Fishing Tour Price Include :

  • Hotel transfer (Sanur, Kuta, Nusadua Area)
  • Fishing Guide
  • Lunch box
  • Cold soft drink and mineral water
  • Beach fishing chair
  • Bait and Fishing Equipment
  • Insurance

Bali Shore Fishing Terms and Conditions :

  • Price is per person and minimum 2 person
  • Booking should be done at least 2 days before the trip otherwise charter boat will be available.
  • August, September, Dec 25th – Jan 10th will be add High Season surcharge at US$ 15.00 per person.

Bali Shore Fishing Tour Location

Padang Bay

  • Beach : White sand
  • Topography : Coral reef
  • Object : Yellow Snaper and White Snaper, Tiger Fish

  • Beach : White sand
  • Topography : Coral reef
  • Object : Goat Fish and Tiger Fish

  • Beach : White sand
  • Topography : Coral reef and Stone
  • Object : White Snaper, Tiger Fish
Serangan Island

  • Beach : White sand
  • Topography : many Sea grass and little Coral
  • Object : Jack Travely, Yellow and White Snaper

  • Beach : Black sand
  • Topography : Lava stone
  • Object : Baracuda

  • Beach : White sand
  • Topography : Sea grass and Coral
  • Object : White Snaper, Goat Fish, Jack Travely
Tegal Wangi

  • Beach : White sand
  • Topography : Coral reef
  • Object : Yellow Snaper, Grouper, Jack Travely
Nusa Dua

  • Beach : White sand
  • Topography : Sea grass, Soft coral, and Plute coral
  • Object : Jack Travely, White Snaper

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