Celuk Village Bali

Celuk Village Bali is formerly as a traditional Balinese village located in the entrance gate of Gianyar Regency and has changed into a tourist attraction with its trademark in the form of gold and silver.

Celuk Village Bali | Central Gold and Silver Smith

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Everything You Need To Know About Celuk Village Bali

As a Bali tourist attraction village in south part of Bali Island, Celuk Village is many visited by tourists in the morning and afternoon time. The visit was carried out either at the beginning of tours or when the tourist back to the hotel after having the day tour.

Celuk Village Bali  located in Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency has the uniqueness and excellent in production of gold and silver handicrafts. Almost all the families and villagers are Balinese who professional, skilled and art soul to develop the creative design and variety of products related to the gold and silvers.

This craft village with long historical has been producing gold and silvers that penetrating the local, national and international markets. Various type of jewelry, either as souvenirs or export commodities are produced in this village includes variation type of rings, necklaces, earrings, hairpins, brooch and others. In addition to this, the artisans at Celuk Village Bali are responding to the market demands and also produce the modern products such as medal, models and culture symbols.

Celuk Village Bali Location

Celuk Village Bali is strategically located in main road from Denpasar to Gianyar regency which is about 5 km from Denpasar town. The neighbour villages are :

  • Batubulan Village which is famous of Barong Dance Performance and stone carving,
  • Singapadu Village with the art village equipped by places of recreation such as Bird Park and Bali Zoo Park
  • Batuan Village with the traditional painting
  • Guang village with the wood carving
  • Sukawati Village as a center of traditional art market.

Along way of Celuk Village about 2 km, we will find in the left and right side the various type of gold and silver shop which are opened to the domestic and international tourist. It is also inside of this village, we will find the activities and workshop of crafting which are ready to be ordered in small or huge number.

Celuk Village Bali Map

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