Bukit Jambul View Point Bali

Bukit Jambul is one of popular tourist destination in Karangasem Regency, Bali

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Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Bukit Jambul View Point Bali

Bukit Jambul is the name of hill where there is a large banyan tree growing on the top of hill like crest so that the local people give it name as Bukit Jambul where Bukit is means hill, meanwhile Jambul is means crest.

This place become famous because it was inspired by the most amazing scenery with rice terrace, winding road underneath and palm trees stretching to the sea. It is situated in the plateau area that is always covered by cool temperatures that make it as an ideal place for relaxation. Many tourists over stop at this place and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view everyday in particular when they go to Besakih Temple for sightseeing.

Bukit Jambul is one of the nature tourist destinations that very interesting to visit in Karangasem Regency that is located 1,5 km from Denpasar City. Nowdays, this place is very famous and it was a stop point on Besakih Temple Tour Packages.

This place is also supported by the existing of local restaurants offering best selection of Indonesian and international menus for tourists who visit it. The tourist will be pampered by the beautiful scenery with amazing panorama including the fresh tropical atmosphere sweep the entire area.

Bukit Jambul Location

This popular tourist destinations is located in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali Island. From Denpasar City, we take about 1,5 hours drive away using vehicles or 30 minutes to Besakih Temple that is famous called by Mother Temple. When we take the direction from Kerta Gosa, we just take 30 minutes away to the north side until we found the windy road. So, this place is very easy to be located because it is located in the strategic location just beside of the main road from Klungkung to Besakih Temple.

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