Batubulan Village Bali

Batubulan Village – Most Famous With Barong Dance Performance

Barong and Keris Dance Bali

Batubulan Village Bali is an art village situated in west gate of Gianyar Regency. The identity and image of an art village has been famous in Indonesia and around the world, this village is built through the art of Barong Dance performances (Barong and Kris Dance) those are performed at five different Barong Stages such as :

  • Puseh Temple Stage
  • Tegal Tamu Stage
  • Denjalan Stage
  • Sahadewa Stage
  • Sila Budaya Stage

The attractiveness of these tourism objects are all sourced from the diversity and quality of art potential owned by the villagers such as dances, Kerawitan, sculpture and literature. In addition to the development of touristic art, there are also the living entertainments and sacred art in this countryside.

About Batubulan Village Bali

The beginning of Batubulan Village is an agrarian village which is sustained by carves the ledge stone. Relying on artistic potential, strategic location and open village network by local, national, and global, then this village grows as tourist destination which is popular with Tourism Cultural Object. Entire Bali Tour Packages to middle of Bali or east part Bali are started from Batubulan Village.

Batubulan Bus Station is strategically located as node communications to seven towns in Bali those are Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, Bangli, Klungkung, Karangasem, and Singaraja. Batubulan is the opener relationship to reach the network entire of Bali Island . This village is located 8 KM from Denpasar town and it is consisted of three custom countryside, those are: Desa Adat Tegal Tamu, Desa Adat Jero Kuta and Desa Adat Delod Tukad.

It is coming within 16 Banjar demographically, this village is pertained by an overpopulated village with the amount of the year resident 2003 equal to 11.333 people by 2.775 family. The name of Batubulan is etymologically taken from two word that are: Batu and Bulan (moon stone). Pre-eminent tourism sites and especial fascination of Batubulan Village in map of Bali Tourism are Barong Dance and stone carving art.

This Tourist destination is become more famous because sustained by tourism fascination non-stopped expand and immeasurable. As a Bali tourist attractions and stone carving business area, Batubulan village is visited by tourist of foreign countries and domestic since in the morning time until evening time. At 09:00-10:30 am daily, Barong Dance is held while at 18:00-19:00 pm, the Kecak Dance or Bali Night performances are executed.

Batubulan Village - Central Stone Carving in Bali

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Batubulan Village – Map Location & Entrance Fee

Batubulan Village is located about 8 KM from Denpasar town. 1 Hour drive from Denpasar Airport.