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Bali Wind Tunnel is one of the Bali Activities Tour Packages to offer you an unforgettable experience of free fall and flying in the wind tunnel. Bali Wind Tunnel is a new exciting sport and is the 1st Wind Tunnel in Bali.

Bali Wind Tunnel, Indoor Skydiving Bali


What is the Bali wind tunnel and how does it work?

A wind tunnel is a simulator of free fall. The upstream is blowing at a speed of 270 km / h. This will help you to get off the ground without effort and enjoy the flight. This flight is satisfying yet exciting, it resembles what skydivers do and feel when they jump with a parachute, or even the feelings of astronauts when they are weightless.

There is a special grid inside the wind tunnel to provide a safe landing for you. Our professional instructors will always be in the flight chamber to guarantee your safety and help you achieve better results in flying and bring positive emotions. The feeling of true flight is very chill that you cannot compare with anything else.

Who will enjoy flying in a wind tunnel?

First of all, you are! If you are longing for or have never been in free fall, flying in the wind tunnel will give you those same wonderful feelings. After you have tried it by yourself, you can confidently recommend such a flight to all your friends and family. And when you come again to the attraction together with them, you can give useful tips or show your friends a master class.

In our wind tunnel, we absolutely can teach anyone to fly! What is needed for this? Only self-desire. The world of flights is infinitely diverse and provides unlimited opportunities for self-development and self-improvement. You can enjoy the flight with the whole family, this entertainment is available even for children from four years old.

Safety Flight:

Many people who come to fly for the first time have a question about the safety of this entertainment. If you are one of those who is trembling at the thought of flying – then you have nothing to worry about, because flying in the wind tunnel is safe!

During the entire flight time, you will be under the protection of our experienced instructors, and before getting into the flight zone you will get detailed instructions on safety and flight rules. During the whole flight, you will be equipped with a special suit, helmet, and shoes, which guarantee you 100% safety and comfort. Each flight in a vertical aerodynamic tunnel, regardless of whether it is the first or the tenth one, will give you incomparable emotions and will leave a pleasant impression for a long time.

Positive Emotions Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive a portion of spirit, adrenaline, and a good mood! Flying with our wind tunnel is a pleasure that cannot be compared to anything else! You will fly in reality, not in a dream, and we will take care of you during the whole flight! Bali flights!

Remember that fear is a normal reaction when you encounter something new. But overcoming the fear, makes you feel more alive!

How to get a certificate for the flight and where is our wind tunnel located?

You can book a flight in a wind tunnel right on our website. Just select the number of minutes you needed and decide on the number of people. Give at least 2 minutes to each person. This is the optimal time, where you will have time to fully settle into the airflow and enjoy the process.

Bali Wind Tunnel Location on Maps

Our wind tunnel is located in Bali Brasco Shopping Mall and it will be the 1st Wind Tunnel in Bali. This is the right place for those who want to experience indoor skydiving in Bali, to feel how to fly in the tube, in a pipe, and then you can shout out “I can FLY Bali”.