Bali Horse Riding Tour – The Best Experience Holiday

Bali Horse Riding Tour is one of the exciting Bali Activities Tour Packages that offer horseback riding adventures on the beautiful beaches with amazing views and the sound of the waves make horseback riding more enjoyable. We have the expertise to bring you an exceptional equestrian adventure.

Bali Horse Riding Tour

Bali Horse Riding Tour – The Exciting Bali Trip Experience

Horseback riding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bali activities. Sure, there are spectacular mountain views, a Balinese village, endless sparkling beaches. So why not add horseback riding to the list? You and the kids will love it, walking or gently trotting with your horse, reins in hand.

The experiences and scenery of this Bali Horse Riding Tour will not be easily forgotten. The sounds of horse hooves echoing through the crashing waves of the amazing beach, take a unique look at Balinese life as you pass the local village and onto the beautiful sandy beach. Is an amazing experience you will remember all your life. It provides exciting horse riding adventures by the best selection of tame and healthy horses to explore the beautiful beach with the sea breeze blowing and covering the coastal area.

Its stables are set on the coastal side with a tropical plantation surrounding it and close to the beach. Your horse riding trail at the beautiful sandy beach opposite the Indian Ocean and the end of the tour. It is an ideal adventure that you must join and feel the warm atmosphere of tropical ambiance flowing from the Indian Ocean and your adventure will be an unforgettable one on your lovely vacation in the paradise island of Bali.

Enjoy your holiday by Riding Horse in Bali Islands to see the amazing panorama view on horseback and turn other people’s dreams into reality. After arriving and welcoming at the Horse stable, you will receive a full safety briefing from a professional and experienced horse riding guide before embarking on a memorable horse riding adventure. The horse riding trail has been set on the beautiful beautiful sand on the beach with a thundering wave sound. Your Bali Horseback Riding Tour is more enjoyable with our friendly and professional Bali Horse Riding tour guide.

Enjoy the horseback adventure passed through the beautiful beach and see unique Balinese life

Bali Horse Riding Saba Beach

Bali Horse Riding Saba Beach

Bali Horse Riding provides an experience that you will never forget to ride the horseback with the best choice of healthy and tame horses to explore the beautiful coast of Saba. Stables set on Saba Beach, more than 10 km stretches black sand beach with panoramic ocean and sea breeze.

Only US$45/person
Bali Horse Riding Saba Beach

Horse Riding Yeh Gangga Beach

Bali Island Horse is a horse riding company that offers a great adventure to explore the pure nature of traditional Balinese village, passing through the beautiful beach, sea salt harvesting area, temples, etc. The Stables are located on the coast, at the seaside village of Yeh Gangga.

Only US$50/person