Blue Lagoon Padang Bai Snorkeling Tour Packages

Blue Lagoon padang bai snorkeling tour packages is the most popular for those who want to enjoy the Bali Paradise under water lifes. Morning depart from the hotel and headed east to Blue Lagoon and Amuk Bay for your best day snorkeling.

Beautiful of Blue Lagoon Beach – Padang Bai Bali

Blue Lagoon - Padang Bai - Bali Snorkeling Tour Packages

Just north of Padangbai is the Blue Lagoon, Bali, – a treasure-trove of underwater Bali paradise marine life. The Blue Lagoon Beach is actually a small bay, with a steep white sand beach. Known as an underwater Bali paradise, the water is warm and the marine life is abundant.

Blue Lagoon Snorkeling Tour Packages

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